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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chinese Food, Baby Showers, and Jamaican Meanie Heads.

I went out to lunch today with my Mommy, to Ginger’s. If you don’t have a Ginger’s in your town, GET ONE! It is a very quaint, relaxing Chinese restaurant, with the most amazing thing you’ll ever drink in your life, strawberry milk tea. I loooove strawberry milk tea. It makes my pregnant belly and I very happy (don’t tell it has a little caffeine in it, it’s a secret).

But anyway… we met up with Avery’s Mommy, to discuss baby shower ideas. We finally decided on a date, that being July 30th, when I’ll be about ready to pop. Which hopefully by then I’ll actually look pregnant and not just fat. So I can get my belly loved and touched by everybody and I can be the center of attention and actually not hate it for once. I decided that I don’t want just girls to come I want all the dudes to come too. It won’t be any fun without all the idiot dudes that Avery and I know.

So Dawn (Avery’s Mommy) was telling me about this game she wanted to be included in the baby shower. The rules of this game, consist of melting a king sized candy bar in a diaper, and then making everyone smell it to guess what kind of candy bar it is. All I had to say to that idea was:


How can you not look at that and think to yourself POOPIE.

As immature as that sounds, I just don’t want to do it. I would probably take one look and lose my lunch.

But nevertheless, we thought of some very clever and fun things to do, and not to mention some awesome food/cake ideas. So I am very much looking forward to my baby shower. I can’t wait to decorate invitations, because I’m good at being creative. Sometimes.

Now have I mentioned how much I want to hit my OB in the face? No? Well I am now! My ultrasound day was May 10th. It had remained May 10th for a series of several months. Monday when were about to leave the office, she says she has to move it to May 13th, because she can’t come in on Mondays anymore.

WHAT THE HELL!? (I hope my baby didn’t hear that)

Really!? I’m almost killing myself to keep my suspense and excitement contained and your telling me you move it three days FARTHER just because you don’t want to come in on a Monday!?


I want to know if it’s a boy or a girl RIGHT NOW. I don’t have patience for waiting games! So now, I have to wait three extra days to see my little baby and how he/she is doing in there (I think it will be a boy but I could be wrong). Soooo… I suppose I’ll have to tie my hands and feet to keep myself from running all the way to the Hospital and wagging my finger at my Jamaican OB, who I don’t really like in the first place, and who I like even less now. But, she is very professional, and intelligent, so I believe she will do a great job delivering my baby, she’s just not a people person. Oh well!

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  1. MMM, Chinese! I actually really want some right now