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My name is Lizzy, and I'm one crazy girl. I usually go with the flow, but I like to break away from it as well. I have an amazing boyfriend who I will love forever and always. I'm pregnant with my first child at an early age, we'll be waiting till September! I love to draw, and write, and learn new things. I love to laugh, and do crazy things you would never expect. I'm me, and that's all I'll ever be.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's a GIRL!

I know it's been a while since I posted a new blog, but so much has happened! My ultrasound showed that I am definitely carrying a baby girl (not a boy, which means I was wrong, laugh it up), and I am so thrilled! I wanted a girl so badly, but Avery wanted a boy, and hey, I should get to pick anyway since I have to push it out, right?

Well, the day of the ultrasound was an awesome day. We woke up early, we all met at my house (Avery and his parents and my mom and I) and then we hit the road, Jack. I was so excited I could barely contain myself on the way there. The waiting room was torture, but once she finally called us all back (they even let everyone in the room!), I laid down on the table (and everyone got to see my lovely stretchmarks) and Dr. Nyan walked in. She put that gooey cold stuff on my belly, and there she was, my baby, on that I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-looking-at screen. She measured everything she had to measure, and then she says, "It's definitely a girl, no question!" I smiled so big, Avery's mother started crying, I was so happy and so was everyone. She told me everything looked great, the placenta is in the perfect spot, and my baby is 15 ounces (that day anyway). I've never felt so happy in my life. Afterward, we all ate at white-castle, then we went to Target and bought a whole bunch of girly baby things. Later on that day Avery had his senior ring ceremony, so we got to tell everyone in the world what we were having. It was such an awesome day! Even though I still don't know what I'm looking at when I see the ultrasound pictures, but it's my baby, so who cares!

We have decided on the name Lyanna Belle. Last night she kicked me so hard I could see it and feel it from the outside! I cried I was so excited. Friday, I am finally moving in with Avery and his parents. I can't wait! It will be even better when little Lyanna arrives!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For those of you who can’t stand it any longer, my sweet Avery got for me only the greatest most comfortable pregnancy pillow in the whole world, and now he’s mad because I cuddle it more than him. Haha.

Tomorrow is my first ultrasound since I was only 11 weeks. Now here I am, 22 weeks along, and I finally get the typical ultrasound that you see people get on TV, and not the one that you would rather not get because it is awkward and uncomfortable, but you get it anyway because you are so excited about seeing your baby for the first time.

But excitement is hardly a word worthy of describing how I feel about tomorrow. I feel so many different emotions, some bittersweet. Since we will find out the sex tomorrow (It’s a boy, I may be wrong, but I’m not, it’s a boy), and Avery has his senior ring ceremony tomorrow, it is a very big day, so were going to celebrate.

Were going to the most expensive restaurant and were buying the most expensive things on the menu! HA. Yeah right. Were poor, so we’ll probably just get an ice cream or something. But its still celebrating.

Now that there are babies on your mind, I would like to announce the birth of my miniature horse Holly’s baby, Jasper. He is the most beautiful and adorable thing I’ve ever seen! You must agree when you scroll down a tad ;D

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Early Mother's Day

To all you wonderful Mother's out there (:

Alright. So is it really acceptable of a person to; first of all, tell you they have an awesome present for you for Mother’s day, several days before the actually holiday, and second, to not even give you one tiny little hint about what that present might be? I think NOT.

Well apparently that IS acceptable to some people, namely, my darling Avery-face. I guess I never really thought of myself as a ‘mother’ yet, I kind of took the title ‘mother-to-be’. But I suppose I am sharing half my nutrients and I am taking care of two here… so I suppose you could call me a mother.

Furthermore, this isn’t even the worst part. Upon entering his house the yesterday, I am standing at the beginning of the hallway, while he is standing at the end.

“STOP!” he yells. “Don’t come any closer!” So of course I have to come closer, but I see the look on his face. He really does want me to stop. So I do. That’s when he opens the door to the soon-to-be baby’s room. He stands there longingly for a moment, with his hand on his chin, and his nose in the air, and I’m standing there like get oooon with iiiiiit.

“What is it?” I ask, hoping for my curiosity to be satisfied.

“Ooooh… nothing… I’m just looking at the awesome present I got you for Mother’s day that your not allowed to see! MWAHAHAHA!” Upon saying this, he slams the door, and then runs down the hallway towards me laughing maniacally the whole time.

The absolute nerve!

So of course I want to know what it is so bad it’s making the baby inside me antsy with curiosity. But we don’t get to! The good thing about Avery though, is that he has even less patience than I do, so of course he can’t wait till Sunday to give it to me… He can’t even wait till Saturday (yippee). So I’ll be getting it later on tonight (YIPEE). I’ll clue all of you in when I find out ;D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can't wait for Thursday!

I love Frosted Flakes with chocolate milk. Mmmmm. Alright moving on.

So I have made a list of everyone that will be attending the baby shower, and so far it totals over 80 people. WOW!

I should hope to win the lottery before the baby shower day gets here! That’s a lot more people than I had originally thought would come, for sure. But its very exciting, I can’t wait to see how everything plays out. The only thing they are letting me organize for it is the invitation cards… but I will take on this responsibility and kick it in the butt, they will be the best invitation cards EVER.

Next Thursday is the big ultrasound day when we find out the sex of my little bundle of joy, and I am too anxious! I want it to hurry up and be here, but you know how time is. It never does what you want it to. Did I mention I can’t drink orange juice without getting sick to my stomach? AGH.

Anyway, I am getting very nervous, excited, paranoid, stressed out and all that good stuff, because there’s only 3 and a half months left in this pregnancy of mine, and we have hardly anything done. The baby’s room is not a baby’s room yet, its still a storage room. We have to get the carpet steam cleaned, the room clean out completely, the walls painted, the light switch changed, many many many things to be bought for decorating. We still need to buy a crib, a stroller, a lamp, EVERYTHING. Oh except a bassinet, we already have one of those. But in the category of things we DO have, we can cross off one thing, bassinet.


So of course you can see why I’m freaking out. But of course we have the most awesome bassinet ever. Originally, I wanted a cradle, because cradles rock. Avery wanted a bassinet because they roll, from room to room. Well we decided on this awesome bassinet that has wheels that pop in and out so it rocks and rolls all over the place. Tell me that isn’t awesome!

That is all for today, folks.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Many Profanities!

Call it pregnancy hormones, but I’m pissed off. Maybe I should be and maybe I shouldn’t, but that really doesn’t matter, because I am anyway, so they can get the hell over it. I’m so sick of being the pregnant 17 year old who can’t drive and dropped out of school, and who has to rely on people to take her places when they don’t even seem to want to in the first place, even though I’m supposed to be ‘part of the family’. I can’t even rely on my own mother for support or help. What the hell am I supposed to do when this baby gets here?


I won’t have a thing to worry about then, because I’ll be the seventeen-year-old mother who has a cute little helpless baby by her side. I’ll be the life of the party then, won’t I! I’ll be the person who everyone loves and wants to be around, because I have a baby in my arms. Everyone will be nice to me, so that I’ll let them hold my baby. Who am I mainly talking about here? You guessed it, my boyfriend’s parents.

Right now, I’m not on the top of anyone’s priority list. I don’t even feel like I’m on the top of Avery’s. But as soon as my baby is born, everyone will fawn over me and my baby, everyone will loooove me and my baby, everyone will want to do everything for me and everyone will bow before me because I have a little baby (in terms of Avery’s parents). Because they know that if they’re jerks to me like they are now, that I’ll stay away from them, and you know what that means!!! Yep. My baby will stay away from them too. Because baby will always be with mommy.

How can they treat me like this? I’m carrying their grandchild, they’re son’s son. How can they act like I’m so unimportant? How can they make me feel this way? I feel so hurt and upset, just tossed to the side, overlooked, neglected… With my due date getting closer and closer, I just keep feeling worse and worse, less and less reassured. Sometimes I wish none of this ever happened. Sometimes I feel like it’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. But right now, I just feel like I want it all to go away. I can’t take this anymore!