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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For those of you who can’t stand it any longer, my sweet Avery got for me only the greatest most comfortable pregnancy pillow in the whole world, and now he’s mad because I cuddle it more than him. Haha.

Tomorrow is my first ultrasound since I was only 11 weeks. Now here I am, 22 weeks along, and I finally get the typical ultrasound that you see people get on TV, and not the one that you would rather not get because it is awkward and uncomfortable, but you get it anyway because you are so excited about seeing your baby for the first time.

But excitement is hardly a word worthy of describing how I feel about tomorrow. I feel so many different emotions, some bittersweet. Since we will find out the sex tomorrow (It’s a boy, I may be wrong, but I’m not, it’s a boy), and Avery has his senior ring ceremony tomorrow, it is a very big day, so were going to celebrate.

Were going to the most expensive restaurant and were buying the most expensive things on the menu! HA. Yeah right. Were poor, so we’ll probably just get an ice cream or something. But its still celebrating.

Now that there are babies on your mind, I would like to announce the birth of my miniature horse Holly’s baby, Jasper. He is the most beautiful and adorable thing I’ve ever seen! You must agree when you scroll down a tad ;D

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