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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Early Mother's Day

To all you wonderful Mother's out there (:

Alright. So is it really acceptable of a person to; first of all, tell you they have an awesome present for you for Mother’s day, several days before the actually holiday, and second, to not even give you one tiny little hint about what that present might be? I think NOT.

Well apparently that IS acceptable to some people, namely, my darling Avery-face. I guess I never really thought of myself as a ‘mother’ yet, I kind of took the title ‘mother-to-be’. But I suppose I am sharing half my nutrients and I am taking care of two here… so I suppose you could call me a mother.

Furthermore, this isn’t even the worst part. Upon entering his house the yesterday, I am standing at the beginning of the hallway, while he is standing at the end.

“STOP!” he yells. “Don’t come any closer!” So of course I have to come closer, but I see the look on his face. He really does want me to stop. So I do. That’s when he opens the door to the soon-to-be baby’s room. He stands there longingly for a moment, with his hand on his chin, and his nose in the air, and I’m standing there like get oooon with iiiiiit.

“What is it?” I ask, hoping for my curiosity to be satisfied.

“Ooooh… nothing… I’m just looking at the awesome present I got you for Mother’s day that your not allowed to see! MWAHAHAHA!” Upon saying this, he slams the door, and then runs down the hallway towards me laughing maniacally the whole time.

The absolute nerve!

So of course I want to know what it is so bad it’s making the baby inside me antsy with curiosity. But we don’t get to! The good thing about Avery though, is that he has even less patience than I do, so of course he can’t wait till Sunday to give it to me… He can’t even wait till Saturday (yippee). So I’ll be getting it later on tonight (YIPEE). I’ll clue all of you in when I find out ;D

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