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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can't wait for Thursday!

I love Frosted Flakes with chocolate milk. Mmmmm. Alright moving on.

So I have made a list of everyone that will be attending the baby shower, and so far it totals over 80 people. WOW!

I should hope to win the lottery before the baby shower day gets here! That’s a lot more people than I had originally thought would come, for sure. But its very exciting, I can’t wait to see how everything plays out. The only thing they are letting me organize for it is the invitation cards… but I will take on this responsibility and kick it in the butt, they will be the best invitation cards EVER.

Next Thursday is the big ultrasound day when we find out the sex of my little bundle of joy, and I am too anxious! I want it to hurry up and be here, but you know how time is. It never does what you want it to. Did I mention I can’t drink orange juice without getting sick to my stomach? AGH.

Anyway, I am getting very nervous, excited, paranoid, stressed out and all that good stuff, because there’s only 3 and a half months left in this pregnancy of mine, and we have hardly anything done. The baby’s room is not a baby’s room yet, its still a storage room. We have to get the carpet steam cleaned, the room clean out completely, the walls painted, the light switch changed, many many many things to be bought for decorating. We still need to buy a crib, a stroller, a lamp, EVERYTHING. Oh except a bassinet, we already have one of those. But in the category of things we DO have, we can cross off one thing, bassinet.


So of course you can see why I’m freaking out. But of course we have the most awesome bassinet ever. Originally, I wanted a cradle, because cradles rock. Avery wanted a bassinet because they roll, from room to room. Well we decided on this awesome bassinet that has wheels that pop in and out so it rocks and rolls all over the place. Tell me that isn’t awesome!

That is all for today, folks.


  1. How exciting! Pregnancies never fail to fascinate me, so amazing to think of that little person inside :)
    ps I've never had frosted flakes with chocolate milk, but it sounds good!

  2. 80 people?! You should have swag comin' outta your ears! Sounds like fun - though I'm with you about the candy bar poop game...ewww.

    Frosted flakes and chocolate milk sounds reeeeeally good.