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Monday, April 26, 2010

This baby is making me fatter than I already was!

Well today was my 5 ½ month doctor’s appointment. I got to hear my baby’s little heartbeat, and that was very comforting. Doc said everything was normal and all my tests came back negative.


My soon to be mother-in-law insists on planning my baby shower herself, and she also insists that my sisters help (no, no, no, noooo). While I secretly want to be in charge of my own baby shower, and make all the decoration plans and the activities and the food and the invitations and the themes and the FOOD.

While I hate every second that I have to think about selling my horse Bella, Jodi (her buyer) came out today to spend some quality time with her, and to pay for her coggins to be done. But it’s ok, because I like Jodi. Jodi has piercings and so does her boyfriend. Jodi also knows a LOT about horses and she has already fallen in love with my Bella. I know she will have a great home with Jodi. Plus Jodi has a cool name.

I am so very much looking forward to this weekend because Avery doesn’t have school on Friday. Which means a three-day weekend, which means three nights I get to sleep in the arms of my love. Which is very comforting when you know you are carrying his child in the fist place. Snuggling up against him until I lose consciousness is one of those things in life for me that just make you go ahhhhhhhhhhh. Breathing. Kind of like eating your favorite food while watching your favorite show, or knowing you have several things to look forward to at one time, or knowing you get to go home after being away for a long period of time. It just makes you go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

It’s a beautiful thing!

Now someone please take away my stretch marks, I don’t deserve this! I take care of my skin!

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