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Monday, November 16, 2009

Family Ties.

You know, when I think about it, the only thing that is bothering me about my life right now is the fact that I live everyday knowing that I have an unhappy family. But you see, no one really cares. No one in my the-people-I-see-everyday-
when-I-come-home family I mean. Well, besides my mother that is. No one else is going to change anything about their behaviors anytime soon. I have a father who dislikes animals very much, especially animals in the house, and everyone else in the house loves animals very very much, especially in the house. Lovely isn't it? Can you imagine the arguments! Trust me, you don't have to live with them... every single day. I try my best not to be here as often as I can, to be honest. It helps me stay at least a little sane. My father never helps. My mother says, well he doesn't do anything, so why should I. He sees that she's not doing anything, and he says, well she's not doing anything, so why should I? They act like a couple of regular children, I'm telling you. My sisters. If one doesn't do anything, the other says the same thing. Well she isn't, so why should I? It's a never ending cycle. This is only talk about helping around the house! You can't imagine how wrong one small little discussion can go. Everyone contradicts everyone. We all have the greatest differences. None of us are alike. I think if there was a contest for the least-like-a-family family in the world, I think George Gray would pop out of thin air laughing hysterically, and say, 'You ARE the weakest link'. Seriously, that wouldn't surprise me. My parents haven't spoken to each other as if they were both human beings in months. All my sisters do is nag the both of them, which makes everything even harder. I just don't understand why my father doesn't want to try to love my mom anymore. I don't understand why my mom won't stand up to him. I don't understand why my sisters hate my dad so much, just because he can't give them everything in the world that they want. I don't understand lots of things. But one thing that I do understand, is that we all desperately need help from somewhere, and I don't see that help raising a hand and saying 'over here!' anytime soon. Help is too busy with everyone else right now. We must be on the bottom of the list. I don't really know either of my parents. I know that I have a very kind-hearted mother, and a very set-in-his-ways father, and that they clash worse than orange and blue. I know that I have a very self centered sister, and a very set-in-her-ways-vegetarian-I-don't-care-about-you-go-die sister, and that I pretty much don't get along with either of them. I know that my father has money, but he isn't willing to share. I know that my mother needs money, and she isn't willing to tell. I know that my sisters want everything, and they aren't willing to shut up about it. I know that I have a real problem with all of this, and I'm too afraid that no one will care to tell. I'm too afraid my sisters won't listen. I'm too afraid my dad won't act according to my words. I'm too afraid the truth will deeply upset my mom. I'm too afraid that if I tell, I won't feel any better. I just hope that someday, when I have a family of my own, things will be so much better, so much happier, and that my family will always love one another. I hope that this hope will one day turn into an action, and that it won't be so hard to get there. Maybe one day, I won't be afraid to tell anymore. Maybe...

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