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My name is Lizzy, and I'm one crazy girl. I usually go with the flow, but I like to break away from it as well. I have an amazing boyfriend who I will love forever and always. I'm pregnant with my first child at an early age, we'll be waiting till September! I love to draw, and write, and learn new things. I love to laugh, and do crazy things you would never expect. I'm me, and that's all I'll ever be.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Fairy's Story Part I.

The birds are singing beautifully on this day. They seem so happy to awaken to the beams of sun sneaking through the crooked branches that surround me now. I know that I am happy to be here. Walking along this man-made trail in this beautiful forest, I automatically feel my spirits rise. Rise even higher at the sight of a clear stream ahead of me. I'm almost tempted to drink from it. It's small luminescent waves peak just enough to carry a few oak leaves along with it's current. The warm air around me fills my soul with laughter. What a beautiful day this is! How happy we all who enter here are to be alive! Oh, the magnificence nature will share with you. And yet, suddenly I feel a presence. I am no longer alone. I feel something watching me. Something that is almost burning a hole through my shoulders with it's gaze... I turn around, but nothing is there. But I can feel it, I know its there. I can almost hear a faint breathing. But before I have a chance to look further, I hear a faint voice. "Over here child," I hear it say. It was the very faint, almost silent voice of an elderly woman. I turned once more but I could see no one. "Look in the tree darling," she said. But there are so many trees! How am I to know which one to look in? Then my eyes fell upon a very large one with a noticeable hole right in the middle, at my eye level. I looked inside and my eyes were filled with surprise. It was a fairy. "Hello, my sweet." She said weakly.
"Your-your-y-... a fairy! I would never believe it!" I was so very excited, a real fairy, how could it be so? I thought they were something I could only dream of. And yet this was the saddest looking fairy I could have ever imagined. The woman had long, black stringy hair, that had a total lack of sheen. Her wings had no glow, and were ripped in several places as if a dragonfly had flown straight through a thorn bush. She was a pathetic sight, and I couldn't help but feel sympathy for her.
"What is left of one, love." She closed her eyes sadly.
"If you don't mind my asking, what happened to you?" I couldn't help but be curious.
"Humans happened to me, my dear. What terrible creatures most of you are. Don't get me wrong sweetie, there are a very, very select few in which I hold some respect. Namely untainted children, such as yourself, but all others are destructive mosters whom I think deserve to become part of a dragon's cake." What was dragon's cake? A cake made specifically for dragons? Hmmm...
"I see. I understand. Anything that would do this to such a nice creature must have evil deep inside." I had to agree with her. Humans are very self centered things, and I was one of them. How silly I felt talking to her... as if there was anything I could do to help her. She looked on the verge of death.

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