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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Judgemental.

Earlier today I had the 'pleasure' of talking with a woman that I haven't seen in quite a while. Since the last time I did see her, I have gained 10 piercings and some turquoise hair. Well apparently in her opinion, all of this so called 'hideous crap' makes me an ugly person who will one day have a criminal record. The second I take it out I would become pretty, and innocent again. Does a few piercings and some colorful hair really change who I am that dramatically that I become an ugly criminal? If we can't have fun with the way that we look, then honestly, what is the point?
Judgmental people make me sick. Just because someone looks a certain way on the outside, doesn't mean that it affects who they are on the inside. It deeply bothers me when someone makes a judgment about me before they even know me. Even when people do it to others that I don't even know. We all have the right to do whatever we want with our bodies. In my opinion body art is a beautiful thing. How can someone look at a man with long hair, and say that he is a troublemaker based on that observation alone? Only a small minded person would make such an assumption without cold hard facts. Jesus had long hair, did he not? Would you insult him the same way? You cannot assume a truth about someone until you've had a chance to get to know them. Remember this the next time you make an unfair judgment on someone.

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  1. Lizzie:
    First, let me tell you that as a college writing teacher, I learned something a long time ago: That people with piercings and tattoos, etc., are often the kindest, brightest, and most likable students. I've never busted a blue-haired, pierced, "different" looking student once -- in all of my many years as a college teacher -- for cheating.
    Second: These early efforts are impressive for anyone, much less a young person. Please continue your blog. Even if you don't get many comments. I didn't either. Just keep at it.
    I'm impressed. Someday, you will make some college teachers very happy.