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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved Halloween. I always loved to dress up, go trick or treating with my friends, and get creative with costumes. The only problem I had with all of this, was that I wasn't allowed to dress up as what I wanted to. I always had to go as an animal, or an angel, or an indian, or somthing that emphasized my innocence. My mother wouldn't even let me be a witch. What sort of insult to Halloween is this!
In my life's experience, Halloween is a time when all your greatest fears come alive. When all the fake blood you could possibly lay your eyes on is available at your local convenient store. When you can dress up as the scariest creature you could possibly imagine, and run up to random people to scare the living daylights out of them and get away with it. When you can go to any neighborhood around and go door to door getting free candy and show off your awesome costume at the same time.
What is it with all of these silly pumpkins, poke'mon, vegetables, and candies? Where, I ask, is the psychotic creativity!? Where is the horror? Where is the gore? Halloween is supposed to be scary, in my opinion. Dressing up as a lame food product, or some other cliche just isn't right to me. It is hooplah I tell you!
And what about all of these 'scary' haunted houses. Lets blame the feeble minded creators. What sort of 3 year old wants to go inside a haunted house? Why not leave the haunted houses for the ones that won't piss themselves when they are tapped on the shoulder in the dark, eh? Your supposed to be scared when you enter a haunted house, not full of laughter. Save that for a happier holiday. Trick or treat kiddies.
(Where is the justice!?)
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