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My name is Lizzy, and I'm one crazy girl. I usually go with the flow, but I like to break away from it as well. I have an amazing boyfriend who I will love forever and always. I'm pregnant with my first child at an early age, we'll be waiting till September! I love to draw, and write, and learn new things. I love to laugh, and do crazy things you would never expect. I'm me, and that's all I'll ever be.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Insane Corpse.

The case was officially closed. We solved the crime, we have all the victims, and we've caught our killer. There is only one problem. He's dead. That's right, sprawled along the bathroom floor of this godforsaken hotel, is the body of Michael William Edwards, serial killer wanted by the F.B.I. since 1998. The only thing more disturbing than his crimes, is the way we found his body. Every one of his fingers were cut off except a finger and a thumb. All of his toes were found ground up inside his stomach. One of his eyes were found salted on the counter. His tongue was stapled to a roll of paper towels. I'm sure everyone in Law Enforcement is saying what the fuck right now. How could a man do this to himself? Simple. He was clinically insane.

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